Whst's JPN_SITE?

1.Beginning @The JPN_SITE was a chat room. When Microsoft provaided IRC servers with a software that named comic chat, I created a chat room for somebody who can make a lot of foreign friends, learning Japanese in ro-maji, and to know Japanese culture.

2.It going @That room was going really well to get a lot of regular members from anywhere countries. But suddenly, Microsoft stoped the open service to change MSN chat as the closed service.
Then, JPN_SITE was gone.
I just planned to make the room at MSN, but I didn't it due to the web system as the bad user interface.

3.And now @That story has been about 4 years ago. And now, I got some facts, and decided I am going to make a server system on my PC.
And then I though then I will have the chat room with IRC server system to start it again.
However, it's just a personally web, so I don't know how many people come here to have fun..
But, I hope JPN_SITE will be get busy again.

4.Then @ You can make a lot of friends here especially Japanese friends.
And also you can learn Japanese language used by ro-maji if you want.
But, you should take carefull that never do picking girls and boys up, and to keep manners up.
it is really importaint rules for using JPN_SITE.
And you should know this room is basically for Japanese ro-maji.
So, almost all Japanese people don't use English as you know.
JPN_SITE also has a rule that don't use Japanese kanji font for foreigners. Maybe most all Japanese guests use ro-maji and don't use Jaspanese font. Therefore, you should have understanding for Japanse guests do not use English.
Maybe Japanese guests also have understanding for some foreigners don't use ro-maji(only use English).
However, you can try to talk in ro-maji here anytime.